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Book printing

A hardcover, hardback, or hardbound is a book bound with rigid protective covers (typically of cardboard covered with printed, cloth, heavy paper, buckram, or occasionally leather). They may have flexible, sewn spines which allow the book to lie flat on a surface when opened, or have glued spines. Hardcover books are often printed on acid-free paper, and are much more durable than paperbacks, which have flexible, easily damaged paper covers. Hardcover books are also marginally more costly to manufacture and are usually much more expensive. Hardcovers frequently come with artistic dust jackets, but a “jacketless” alternative is becoming increasingly popular: these “paper-over-board” or “jacketless hardcover” bindings forgo the dust jacket in favour of printing the cover design directly onto the board binding The hard cover format is the best format for long lasting and good looking books. At Boldmedia we produce coffee table books, map and guide books, leisure books and special interest books, in hard cover binding configuration with a variety of specialised cover finishes. Boldmedia has a number of finishing options, we can satisfy the most complex requests: round or square backs, half or quarter binding, printed paper cases or jackets; with or without ribbons, head and tail bands, or with sprayed edges.

  • It is less expensive than hardcover binding methods.
  • This method will accommodate a high page count.
  • It can be used for very short production runs…for example, 150 books.
  • Books can be made with a heavier weight cover for durability and longevity.
  • This method forms a flat spinal edge which can be printed upon.
  • The finished shape allows books to stack well for storage and display.
  • Perfect binding provides a crisp, professional appearance.

Magazine and Brochure Printing

We’ve been offering the highest-quality magazine printing since the formation of Boldmedia. As one of the core services of our business, we’ve learnt what works, who to go to, and how to work with different budgets to make sure every magazine and brochure we print is something we’re proud to put our name behind.

  • A4 and A5 or any custom sizing
  • Glossy front and back pages
  • Design, logistics and distribution services
  • Stitching and trimming
  • Highest-resolution printing
  • Perfect, crisp results
  • Short and long-run magazine printing

Our managed print service, run by some of the leading print consultants in the industry, takes advantage of hundreds of top industry contacts across the country to get you the best result for the lowest price. We only work with the most professional and reliable printing companies, and because we oversee and manage every step of your project personally, we make sure every aspect goes like clockwork.

We’ve managed magazine and brochure printing for multiple national organisations, from the smallest of university publications to country-wide monthly issues.

Book Printing Johannesburg

When it comes to multi-page printing like Books, Catalogs, Manuals, Binder Sets, Directories, Periodicals, etc. – Boldmedia can definitely handle your project. And whether you need a small run, a medium run, or a large run of books, we’ve got you covered!

Small Runs

Our customers love the fact that we can produce smaller, short run quantities economically so they don’t have to purchase a lot or worry about their inventory becoming obsolete.

Using Digital equipment, we can print short runs in quantities as low as 150 books so you don’t have to buy or store many at all. Order only what you need and we can produce more later if you need them. Short Run printing is ideal for new book projects and cost-conscious organizations.

Medium and Large Runs

Boldmedia can save you money on medium to large production runs by producing your books on high-speed Offset printing presses. For extra long runs, our web presses help get your cost down to an amazingly low figure, so if you need a large supply of multi-page documents be sure to contact us to compare our low pricing.

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