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Online Booklet Printing

There was a time when finding an online booklet printing solution could be tedious and could end up costing you a lot of money. The costs that were associated with this work would only go up if you needed layout and design work. In the end, many consumers and companies simply could not afford to hire a book printing company. Now that has all changed. With Boldmedia you can have your publication produced exactly as you want it.

Booklet Printing in Johannesburg

A booklet is a great way to get the word out: about products, about services, about events. From real estate to retail, booklets remain a powerful marketing tool. Maybe you’re a designer, an ad agency or a retail print reseller, and you just don’t have the means to print high-quality booklets for your customers. Our wholesale booklet printing is here to save the day.
Benefits of Booklets
Booklets offer more information than a flyer and less than an entire book, helping customers to really gain a feel for a company or service. A well-designed booklet can introduce prospective customers to all of the services offered by an organization, and include examples to display the company’s high-quality work. But in order for the booklet to have the desired effect, it needs to truly catch people’s eye, and in order to achieve that reaction, standard printing practices just won’t suffice. Booklet production printing is very lucrative in terms of sales revenue.
Boldmedia offers online booklet printing using state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly materials. Choose from tabloid sizes and standard 8.5”H booklets with or without covers. Our basic options include:
We offer a wide variety of choices to ensure your booklet effectively showcases your customers’ products and services to perfection.
Customized to Meet Your Needs
Our booklet printing services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your customers. We offer you the chance to select the exact quantity of booklets you need so that you can fill orders with ease. Many wholesale booklet printing companies force you to place a very large order that you’ll never be able to use. Not only is this a waste of your money, but it’s also bad for the environment. You won’t get that with Boldmedia. It’s our goal to make the printing process quick, easy and cost-effective.
High-Quality Customer Service
We understand the needs of your business because we share many of the same needs, concerns, and goals. That’s why Boldmedia treats you not simply as a customer but as a business partner. We start by assigning a dedicated account representative to your account. Our team is with you every step of the way, to ensure your finished booklets far exceed your customers’ expectations.
Your account representative will serve as your point of contact for all of your questions throughout the process. Ready to get started? Contact Boldmedia today, or register on our site.

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Everybody drinks coffee… but if they don’t drink coffee, they drink tea, or hot chocolate, or hot cider, or basically any other hot beverage you can think of. Coffee Mugs are an excellent way to thank your clients for their continued business. At Christmas time or your Anniversary, they are a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Call us or visit us today to see exactly what we can offer you and how we can help you warm the hearts and hands of the people you appreciate most.


House Keys. Gym Locker Keys. Mail Keys. Car keys. Work Keys. Gas Lock Keys. Wheel Lock Keys. Studio Keys. Luggage Keys. Gate Keys. Whew! We are super locked up, but where do the keys go?! Oh, on a Keychain. Keychains are clearly an important part of our day to day lives. If they sound like your solution to promoting your business, cause, or brand while saving over-responsible people from their key abundance at the very same time, contact us today!


How many times have you reached out to grab your pen, only to be met with empty air? We know… you need pens. More pens. Everyone does. Luckily for you, we print some pretty incredible pens. (Just try not to lose them.) And the great thing about pens is: they change hands, like that quarter your mother told you not to put in your mouth as a child. They are great for exposure and great for writing- and really just great to have. We want your clients to reach out and find your branded pen next time, not empty air.


Sending your kids group to camp? Hosting a Charity Walk? Organizing Volunteers to pick up trash? Going on a massive family reunion to DisneyWorld? These things all have 1 thing in common. T-shirts. What does your special shirt look like, the one that identifies you as a counselor, or camper, or family member, or volunteer, or walker? Whatever it is, we want to help make your idea a reality. Contact us to find out more about our T-shirt printing today!

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